Dream Diary: “Chalet”

My team enters the chalet to set down our things and unpack. The walls of the chalet consist of layers and layers of gently billowing white bedsheets. The ceiling, too, is a bedsheet, and occasionally droops on us.

In the center of the chalet is the only object left behind by the previous occupants: an elaborate mechanical food-preparer in a glass case. There is a hole in the top of the glass, into which you are supposed to insert an egg. When you add the egg, and press a button, the machine goes into action, frying the egg and chopping some vegetables. It makes an entire delicious meal. But because there is only a hole in the top, you cannot retrieve the food once it is cooked. The point of the machine is to allow you to watch the fried egg gradually rot, and contemplate the decay of all things.

When this is done, the chalet is a mall. Every surface is covered in yellow bathroom tile, with a bright yellow light setting everyone aglow. I see red duvets being used to cover all of the mall’s skylights, and I realize the Zapatistas are about to take it hostage. My friends try to talk me into taking up arms alongside the Zapatistas, but I realize that I am too cowardly and also wearing a suit.