Dream Diary: “Beyond”

I find myself in the Afterlife, which consists of sitting in traffic on a Los Angeles freeway in the middle of the night. The only unusual thing is that while everybody else is in a car (or rather, I assume there are people in the cars), I must sit naked on the ashpalt, dragging myself along with my hands.

After a while, the traffic dissipates, and the road becomes very wet. I am now able to drag myself at formidable speed, although the fact that there are cars tearing past me and I am naked makes the experience quite frightening.

Eventually, I reach my exit, and the only sensation around me is blackness, though my naked body remains somehow illuminated. A voice in the dark tells me what life was all about:

“You are a rich man who has purchased immortality. In search of ways to amuse yourself, you decided to spend eternity inhabiting simulations of other lives, lived by people long since dead.”

A series of glass orbs presents itself in front of me. Inside the orbs swirl hints of image, that suggest landscapes and events but are impossible to comprehend. Each orb has a different subtle tint.

“Would you like to try another one?”

I hesitate for a moment, then select an orb. My every memory disappears, and I find myself being born.

This time, I am Martin Short.