Stray Thoughts

  • If Karl Marx had spent less time trying to change the world, and more time trying to interpret it, we’d all have been better off.
  • People don’t know enough about the Croatian Ustaše. They were worse than the Nazis! So much worse, in fact, that the horrified Wehrmacht leadership thought they might have to intervene in order to end the Ustaše’s atrocities. Read about them! They’re horrible.
  • Been thinking lots about how snakes experience the world. Concluded I wouldn’t like to be a snake.
  • In addition to Phil Spector’s other crimes (popularizing The Righteous Brothers, 2nd degree murder), I can’t forgive him for depriving The Blossoms of credit for “He’s A Rebel,” instead attributing it to The Crystals. What kind of psycho does this?
  • Right-wing historian Niall Ferguson’s new hagiography of Henry Kissinger is called Kissinger: The IdealistI think that might be the funniest title in the history of publishing.
  • A favorite video title: “Obama Jokes About Killing Jonas Brothers With Predator Drones.” He did, though! He honestly did. What kind of psycho does this?