Some Controversial Things I Believe

– It is completely, indisputably morally indefensible to be wealthy.

– It is probably morally indefensible to be middle class, though less so.

– Being an “informed” citizen who reads the news is overrated. Most time spent reading the news is a waste. Spend it learning skills.

– There should be no guns whatsoever. For anybody. For the rest of history.

– Los Angeles should be evacuated and flattened, and we should try again.

– It is not that God does not exist, it is that the concept of God is too incoherent to even affirm or deny the existence of.

– There are only two good bands performing today: The Black Keys and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings.

– It would be desirable to make water-slide transit a regular part of the average American commute.

– We should not talk about “rights.” Rights are an outmoded fiction. Instead we should just have very strict moral codes.

– There is very little difference between killing and letting die, thus we are deeply culpable for all the lives we are failing to save right now.

Death is undesirable and should be prevented.

– Chris Kyle was a serial killer.

All of these people are frauds.

– No nonfiction book should exceed 150 pages.

Kidney donation should be required like jury duty (at least until we get enough voluntary donations).

– No college should ever reject an applicant.

– Muddy Waters ruined the blues.

Alcoholic teachers should not be fired.

– We should be far more concerned with what will happen 500 years from now than with what will happen tomorrow.

The fact that morality is relative in no way entails the necessity to respect other moralities.

– “Blurred Lines” was both an indefensible rape anthem and a really good song.

The concept of race must be destroyed rather than embraced.

– John Rawls was history’s greatest monster.*

– Prison should be a pleasant and edifying experience, or not exist at all.

– Everyone should spend at least one minute thinking about the Holocaust every day.

– Marxism is nonsense and capitalism is indefensible.

– People who use the word “hermeneutics” should be forced to pay a fine.

– Ringo Starr’s abilities as a drummer are underrated.

– There is no such thing as America.

– All governments should be slowly done away with.

*in one sense, not all.