Replies to Objections to My Hatred of Guns

A bunch of people who like guns have made arguments at me about why I am wrong. Here are the arguments in brief, and my replies to them:

Argument: Most guns are used in self-defense.

Reply: I don’t care. I want a world with no guns, because by “self-defense” you still mean “threatening to kill someone,” and I want a world where nobody ever threatens to kill anyone.

Argument: I have rights.

Reply: No, you don’t, rights are a fiction. All you have is a desperate insistence that you have rights.

Argument: Guns have done a lot of good, like stopping Hitler.

Reply: I don’t care. A world with zero guns is still the optimally desirable world, and we must strive for the optimally desirable world.

Argument: A gun isn’t made to harm people, it’s made to shoot projectiles.

Reply: I don’t care. It is a major source of harm, and its total elimination would make for a more desirable world.

Argument: That’s never going to happen.

Reply: You don’t know, and I don’t care. I think in 500-year increments, not 5-year ones.

Argument: Passing laws doesn’t do anything.

Reply: Then everyone should surrender their guns willingly, to make for a better world. Throw them into the sea.

Argument: What about legitimate uses like hunting and target shooting?

Reply: Hunting is an intolerable savagery. Target shooting is (1) a waste of time and (2) not so great a benefit that it changes the fact that a world without guns is better than a world with guns.

Argument: What about safe gun ownership with minimal risk?

Reply: No amount of risk is tolerable where the object in question has no useful purpose.

Argument: Why are you imposing your beliefs on me?

Reply: Because I don’t like death and the existence of guns is the source of a lot of death.