Well, What Did You Expect?

“Well, what did you expect?”

“I expected it would be better!”

“And that was foolish of you, wasn’t it?”

“But it’s a horror!”

“Well, that’s capitalism for you…”

“I just…I don’t see how you can simply accept it like that.”

“I’m not accepting it. Au contraire. I loathe it. However, I simply did not expect it to be otherwise. At a certain point, you must be realistic. You cannot be surprised by events that follow naturally from the operations of a system.”

“Must we give in to resignation, then? Is that all that is left? Must we lose our capacity to be terrified by the terrifying, nauseated by the nauseating? Do we gaze listlessly as the casualties mount, with ‘What did you expect’ on our lips? Are we not capable of mustering some scrap of emotion? I, for one, never cease to be astonished by the cruelties of this world, and can never accept them as ordinary. Perhaps that makes me childlike, a starry-eyed fool destined to have my optimism punctured daily by circumstance. But I could not live otherwise.”