What the Left Still Has Going For It

As the Supreme Court stalwartly assists America’s gentle plod back to feudalism, it is often tempting for a radical leftist to lapse into despair. But this need not be so! Leftists should remember that we still have many assets. After all, there is:

Slavoj Zizek’s humanist socialism, approx. 900 dues-paying Wobblies, a huge network of infoshops and bookstores each with a wide selection of unreadable garbage, David Graeber’s tweets, David Graeber’s leather jacket, scores of zines, lots and lots of puppets, interminable facebook discussions on the meaning of “praxis,” the guy with a Hamas flag that shows up to every protest, blogs defending Stalin, Tim Wise, the mic check, The Nation, Bob Avakian’s 2-hour speech introducing Cornel West, Bill Ayers, WBAI Pacifica radio’s multi-hour AIDS denialist/nutritional supplement ad radio program, Unite Here, a coffeeshop in Portland that bans cops, the “this is what democracy looks like” chant, The Black Orchid Anarchist Collective, The Black Rose Anarchist Federation, The Anarchist Black Cross (Federation), Little Black Cart, Black Powder, the ISO, revolutionary sociology professors who will save Venezuelan lives by smoking on a plane, a nationwide network of grad students who will sneer at you if you admit to not having read the Grundrisse, extremely thorough analyses of the problematic racial undercurrents of Taylor Swift songs, the Riseup.net listserv dispenser, Spanish Civil War nostalgia, Russian Revolution nostalgia, Emma Goldman nostalgia, Mao nostalgia, oodles of banjos, the Stalin Victory Bus, and an endless spiraling constellation of white people writing hundreds of words about how white people should speak less.

So not despair, friends on the Left! Our movement still has much to commend it.

[thanks to Oren Nimni and Paul Waters-Smith for adding items to this list. If I have forgotten anything, please inform me.]