Dream Diary: “Chickenscratch Congressman”

I have decided to run for Congress in Sarasota, to defeat Christine Jennings. I walk down Main Street in my white suit to the Supervisor of Elections’ office, ready to sign the paperwork to run. I meet a young would-be voter, who says this:

“I am excited to come of age, so that I can pull the lever and cast my ballot. I have two political beliefs, which are that education is important and that 9/11 didn’t happen.”

Stephen Bright awaits me at the office and makes an introduction to the Supervisor for me.

“This is Nathan Robinson, his handwriting is like chickenscratch but he’ll make a good Congressman!”

I go into the office and shake hands with the supervisor. I find I am very nervous when asking her for the paperwork, since running for Congress seems so presumptuous.

Later I discover there is a lot of vague corruption in the town (like a vegetable-stand that closes suddenly whenever I walk past it.)