Dream Diary: “El Guapo”

I was writing a pilot for Mexican television. It was to be a cannibalistic detective story, starring Detective Elliott, universally agreed (except by some) to be the world’s most careful sleuth. Det. Elliott’s catchphrase, which he used when people asked him why he was so special, was “The only difference between me and your ordinary detective is that the windows on my car are divided into more segments.”

I went location scouting and found the perfect place to film the rendezvous scene, an old gas station with water flowing through it so fast that you had to sit on the pumps in order to avoid being swept away. A lifeguard at the gas station told those of us who had come to see it that we would have to leave, because cleanup efforts after the recent John Kerry talk held there were taking longer than expected.

I would call my show El Guapo, or La Bella Dolce.