Dream Diary: “Law School Dining Hall”

There was a lot of confusion between me and the man behind the counter. He did not speak, but I could not convince him to give me a sandwich instead of a danish. He appeared to believe that the pronunciation of both words was the same.

* * * *

The red-faced patriarch of a Southern family remarked loudly as he passed through:

“Well, I like the law school, but I’m not very impressed by this dining hall!”

“It’s not a dining hall,” I replied. “You’re in the kitchenette of my apartment.”

* * * *

I went to investigate whether the building was as unstable as they said it was. While I was inside, the building collapsed.

We were called into a meeting with the company at which each person offered $680 in compensation. I made a powerful case to the group that they should not accept such a pitiful amount. At the end of my speech, the crowd rose to their feet and unanimously rejected the settlement.

“That was some speech,” someone told me afterwards.

“Well, a building fell on me!” I said.