Dream Diary: “Veteran’s Day Cookout”

It was Veteran’s Day, and a crowd had gathered on the lawn beside the canal to celebrate. There was a big cookout and people on blankets. Pigeons were swimming in the canal. and if you went over to the concession building, you could buy the right to feed individual pigeons. You were then entitled to wade out into the muddy canal and hand pieces of bread to the particular pigeons whose title you had secured.

I put some Chuck Berry on the boombox and played it loud, which everyone liked. I walked over to the concession to buy title to some pigeons. Just then, a Veteran’s Funeral Parade came marching somberly down alongside the canal. Everyone stood up, took off their hats, and saluted. It was very clear that we were supposed to pay silent respect, but the Chuck Berry I had put on was still playing loudly and offensively. I couldn’t go over and turn it off without losing my place in line. The song was so upbeat that it made the procession appear ridiculous. I offended many veterans.