Dream Diary: “Gas Station Lawyer”

She was skeptical, but I reassured her that I was a lawyer and could take care of it for her. I didn’t tell her that I had never taken a case before. Or that I hadn’t passed the bar exam yet.

“I’m going to get you $3,000,” I said.“But first, hand me $3,000.” She did.

I got out of the car and began to argue with him.

“Do you know that you owe this woman $3,000 for car repairs? I have it right here!” I brandished the $3,000.

“Do you have an invoice for that?” he replied, instantly destroying my argument.

I poked my head back into the car. “Do you have an invoice?” I asked her nervously, knowing she didn’t. She shook her head and looked worried.

I withdrew my head and turned back to the man. “We don’t,” I said.

As I got back into the car I had to reveal to her that not only had I not gotten paid, but I had given him her $3,000. The humiliation was infinite.