Dream Diary: “The Golan Heights”

The film’s protagonist was accused of a crime, and the entire story was about whether or not he had committed it. But at the end, with that question left unresolved, we find out that throughout the entire film he has been embezzling money before our eyes, and that if we had looked closely we would have caught him committing hundreds more crimes.

* * * *

When we retook the Golan Heights, the lack of resistance was eerie. Everyone there had fled, and we were able to immediately start assigning people to the empty houses. After some time wandering round, I struggled to pack my backpack quickly. I needed to get out of there. The quiet was destined to end and I sensed a huge military response impending. A dark patch began growing on my forearm and I began frantically (and semi-successfully) trying to wipe it off.

Back in Cambridge, I rode with Alan Dershowitz in his Range Rover. As he pulled into the underground faculty parking garage, I asked him whether I had been right that retaliation was forthcoming.

“Yes,” he said, “they’ll get it back.”

I felt sick to my stomach at having asked him such an uncritical question.