Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater? No! Throw the baby! Remember that the water was originally pure, that all dirt in it comes from the baby. Throw it out before it spoils the crystalline water with its excretions.

– Slavoj Žižek

Had a dream that I ghostwrote Wayne Newton‘s 1100-page autobiography, Mr. Las Vegas Goes One Better, despite knowing nothing about Wayne Newton’s life or career. It began:

An Arkansas boy never makes good without peers, and as I recorded “Kisses on a Juniper” in Sam Gold’s studio on West 9th, I thought of the lessons that had taken me from the pecan shores of boyhood Fayetteville to beloved center stage act at the Minks Casino in the heart of the Old Vegas Strip. It was a big world and I had ridden it round the whole way. Now, “Kisses” flopped, it’s true, but “Can’t Stop for You” would follow a year later, forever cementing my credentials as the ‘suited Elvis’ of reliable ticket sales and after-dinner joke fame…