The James Brown Of

This past law-year, spurred by a glorious in-court defeat against CitiMortgage’s attorneys, I have been referring to myself (correctly) as The James Brown of Foreclosure Law. But I was curious about what others have labeled the James Brown of various things. A casual googling reveals:

  • “Theresa is the James Brown of mothers”
  • “The James Brown of Indie Rock.”
  • “…dazzlingly clear that the apostrophe is the James Brown of punctuation — dancin’, sweatin’, making cool short little words out of clumsier big ones”
  • “…the James Brown of literary agents”
  • “I like to think of myself as the James Brown of New Zealand poetry…”
  • “They might however, recognize P.J. Harlem, the James Brown of the puppet world who breaks into ‘I Feel Good’ at the end of nearly every show.”
  • “…our Planning and Zoning commission is the James Brown of our city…”
  • “the James Brown of bass fishing”
  • “…which is why we call him The James Brown of Public Relations.”
  • “He has been called the James Brown of probation officers because he used recidivism risk reduction programs”
  • “earned nicknames like the James Brown of Ethiopia or Abyssinia Elvis.”
  • “the James Brown of economic speakers”
  • “the James Brown of neurotransmitters. It makes you feel good and is a major target of antidepressants.”
  • “…often referred to as the James Brown of the wine industry”
  • “Please welcome back the James Brown of home entertaining [band plays James Brown tune], Martha Stewart. [Applause] How’ve you been? Happy New Year. Tell us about the pig; you have a cute little pig there.”

All of which reminds me of a great Simpsons line, following Lisa’s discovery that her lackluster third-grade transcript has forever foreclosed all Ivy League dreams:

Marge: Sweetie, you could still go to McGill, The Harvard of Canada.
Lisa: Anything that’s the Something of the Something isn’t really the Anything of Anything.