A C.N.T. flag blocked the way. The return of the Spanish influence with a vengeance after years of dormancy had coincided with the influx of a large number of violent, bilgey sailors from the motorship Venderveer, which they had forced to permanently take port in New Orleans after the bargemaster refused to accede to the extortionate per-carcass bonuses the sailors had suddenly demanded in exchange for not letting the whole hulls-worth of birdmeat rot.

As a result, Anarchists had now almost completely taken over the French Quarter. Flags and slogans draped most balconies. Fife-driven singalongs of the Internationale had replaced C.C.R. and Journey cover-rock as the preferred noise-ordinance violation of Bourbonian decadents (not that the Anarchists had too dutifully maintained the Sanctity of Ordinance since assuming control.) Horrified tourists were being assigned rotational shifts as fish-tossers in the market-stalls. Attempts to bribe one’s way out of a fish-tossing shift resulted in the assignment of additional fish-tossing shifts.

– from Sometimes Englishable: a Novella of New Orleans, under contract with Demilune Press.