PRESENTER: Would you mind explaining to us how it works?
MS7: Not at all. The machine requires several years of training to operate. Trainees must undergo a difficult licensing procedure.
PRESENTER: Is that procedure mandatory?
MS7: Yes.
PRESENTER: Now, Miss Seven, have YOU undergone a mandatory licensing procedure?
MS7: I have not.
PRESENTER: Will you be demonstrating your machine?
MS7: I will not.
PRESENTER: Did you build this machine?
MS7: I did. I underwent every step with my hands. I mined the harbor-wood myself. This machine means more to me than a child does.
PRESENTER: And yet you cannot use it?
MS7: The bureaucracy triumphs yet again.
PRESENTER: I wouldn’t knock the bureaucracy if I were you, Miss Seven. Thank you for coming on the program.

from Arbitrary Occurrence, unproduced television program, 2010


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