“Finish Your Drink As They Drag You Away”

Martin Luther King knew it, and so did Big Jesus himself. Dignity in the face of reason shows not only the presence of virtue, but the absence of serious vice. Here we find the dissident: persemacuted and ostrich-sized. The dissident can be assured of one thing alone: that she will be crushed. With this kind of certainty abounding, she faces only one serious decision: what faces will I make as they pull me from my chair and throw me on the heap?

We posit the following: the act of rebellion is consummated not when one is dragged away, but when one exhibits the composure and arrondissement necessary to finish one’s drink as they drag one away. In those last sips, taken with calculated obliviousness to and disdain for circumstance, one has truly smeared tomato on one’s accuser.

It’s not a wondercure, certainly, but the question “What else can you all do about it, anyway?” has never been met with a cosmically good answer. We are do-makers, and so we make do. Grist for the isthmus, as they might say.

see below:

For more, see our topical monograph Hegel’s Isthmus: A New Topography of Philosophy, 1000 hand-stapled copies of which sit in an appropriated milk-crate in an unused corner of the Faculty Lounge.

from Blueprints for a Sparkling Tomorrow (revised & expanded edition), written with Oren Nimni, under contract with Sycophantic Palms Press.


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