Dr. Gambit’s spectacles flashed. Mrs. Gambit stood up, upsetting her chair. “Georgina Sykes,” she said harshly, forgetting to smile, “the day has not yet come when you are running this Institute. Our routine will take up its normal course from tomorrow on.”

“That is going to be a matter of debate between you and Dr. Gambit and the rest of us,” said Georgina. “Because we have absolutely no intention of letting ourselves be intimidated by your beastly routine ever again. Although freedom has come to us somewhat late in life, we have no intention of throwing it away again. Many of us have passed our lives with domineering and peevish husbands. When we were finally delivered of these we were chivvied around by our sons and daughters who not only no longer loved us, but considered us a burden and objects of ridicule and shame. Do you imagine in your wildest dreams that now we have tasted freedom we are going to let ourselves be pushed around once more by you and your leering mate?”

A shudder passed over Mrs. Gambit, but the doctor spoke up first: “We will adjourn this discussion, it is useless and beside the point,” he said and hurried from the room…

Revolt among the elderly, from The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington, p. 153-154.

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