Letter I sent to LA Times reporter

Dear Mr. Muskal,

Your article on Lupe Fiasco’s performance at the inauguration party provides little information about the incident and is grossly unfair to Mr. Fiasco.

First, you allow the concert promoters to say both that Fiasco “was not forced off” and that organizers “decided to move on to the next act,” without pointing out the explicit contradiction between these two positions. You also fail to note that video of the incident appears to show Mr. Fiasco being surrounded by burly men and escorted from the stage.

Next, you cite the promoters for the claim that the audience was “annoyed” and “vocally dissatisfied” with Mr. Fiasco, but again do not reference the video, in which no such reaction can be heard, and in fact, enthusiastic chants of “Yeah, Lupe” are heard throughout. You also do not quote any of the supposedly “dissatisfied” concertgoers.

Finally, you have allowed a headline that is patently false to appear, which is that Fiasco issued an “antiwar rant.” You know that the “rant” was actually part of the rap; the word “rant” suggests that Fiasco engaged in some separate verbal tirade outside of his performance. If this had been true, it would better explain the alleged dissatisfied audience. That there was no such separate rant undermines the claim that the audience was annoyed.

Of course, this is all beside the fact that you fail to investigate why Fiasco had grievances against the Obama administration, etc., or what he was referring to when he mentioned Gaza, which a responsible journalist wishing to give the full story would do.

Again, this article is shoddy in its presentation of the facts and entirely biased in favor of the promoters and against Fiasco, who is made to appear a raving madman without being given any opportunity for comment.

Thank you,
Nathan J. Robinson


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