Peter Eisenman and the Totalitarian Inhumanity of Architecture

They assume that [I’m a leftist], but here’s proof that I’m not. You know, I can tell you this: most of my clients are Republicans, most of them are right-leaning. In fact, my client in Spain for the cultural center at Santiago de Campostela is the last Francoist minister. And I have the most rapport with right-leaning political views, because first of all, liberal views have never built anything of any value, because they can’t get their act together. I find this public process about what monument we should build in downtown at the WTC site an aberrant one, because since when does the public choose?

Eisenman reiterates his seething contempt for the public and affirms that Francoist fascists are close allies.

Purposely ignoring the idea of form following function, Eisenman created spaces that were quirky and well-lit, but rather unconventional to live with. He made it difficult for the users so that they would have to grow accustomed to the architecture and constantly be aware of it. For instance, in the bedroom there is a glass slot in the center of the wall continuing through the floor that divides the room in half, forcing there to be separate beds on either side of the room so that the couple was forced to sleep apart from each other.

The experience of living in a house designed by someone who hates people. The house literally breaks couples apart.


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