What must one think of [Cézanne,] who spent all his life trying to paint round apples, and who never succeeded in painting anything but convex apples?… One has to be extremely awkward to be content with painting apples that are such a failure that they cannot even be eaten… Le Corbusier also made a disgraceful mistake: never will reinforced cement be used on other planets…Yes and yes, he sank like a stone, the weight of his own reinforced cement ulling him down like a masochistic Protestant Swiss cheese. On a structural basis, Cézanne is like Le Corbusier; the only difference between them is that Cézanne was a rabid reactionary and full of good intentions whereas Le Corbusier was irremediably Swiss, left wing, and full of bad intentions. Piñero, on the contrary, is an authentic Spanish genius…with Fuller, he is capable of making the molecular structures of deoxyribonucleic acid–ingredient of eternity–come to life. Buckminster Fuller has freed architecture from the right angle and has substituted for structures that are heavy others that seem to take flight; he has demonstrated that the ideal shelter for man is a spherical translucid structure which might cover the earth–a cupola! This is an eminently monarchistic, vital, and liturgical principle. Dali says No to Le Corbusier and to Cézanne! But Dali says Yes to Fuller and Piñero!

Salvador Dali, from Dali by Dali, 1970, p. 40-42

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